Welcome to GV CrossFit, Southern Arizona's NEWEST CrossFit facility serving the communities of Sahuarita, Vail and Green Valley.


Stacey Quarles

"If I were to tell you that at the age of 47 after spending a lifetime in athletics and fitness that I could end up 80 lbs overweight at 297 lbs on a 6’4 frame; with a BMI of 38%, your first question would be how.  I think there really is no "how" on gaining the weight, it was a number of contributing factors that put the weight on.  Too many hours at work, not enough time for the gym, uninterested in the gym, bad eating habits, and bad joints in my ankles, knees and biceps.  This has all changed since joining GV CrossFit; which has changed my life for the better and long term."  


Glenda Hall-McNamara

"Been thru a lot these past two years ! Started at 295 and now down 120 lbs plus and getting stronger and healthier!

Thanks to my wonderful hubby and my girls for their support and to all my friends and trainers at GV CROSSFIT!"


Eli Aramburo


"I love CrossFit for a few reasons:

  • It constantly challenges you everyday and everyday it is completely different.
  • Its not like your average gym where you go in and do your own thing, here everyone does the same workout together and it can be scaled down to anyone's ability.
  • I love the crossfit community, everyone is very encouraging, and the last person to finish the workout is usually the one being cheered on the most, and you meet a lot of new people along the way. "