Welcome to GV CrossFit, Southern Arizona's NEWEST CrossFit facility serving the communities of Sahuarita, Vail and Green Valley.

Growing up I was really not interested in fitness I was too busy skateboarding and getting in trouble. I joined the air force when I was 18 to basically get out of town and try to do something meaningful.  After four years in the Air force I had put on over 50 lbs from the time I had joined. Once left the service I knew if I didn't do something fast I was going to have a weight problem for sometime.
I wanted to lose weight but lacked motivation.  I was Julian's friend at the time and noticed he had lost a lot of weight since he had left the air force. He would tell me to go try out this boxing gym he was going to , but I always found an excuse to get out of it. I finally decided to go and from that day I started hitting boxing and muay thai hard! I lost all the weight in a short period of time. Soon after, I did my first CrossFit workout and got whooped! 
Julian and I stopped going to the boxing gym because of busy schedules and distance from the gym (excuses!). In no time I put weight back on. I was determined that this wasn't going to happen again! I had worked too hard. We began trainging at Julian garage and hit crossfit-style training hard. Shortly thereafter, we decide to get CrossFit Level 1 certified and it opened our eyes to what we where missing , real Olympic lifting and real gymnastics. We opened GV fitness tech in late 2012 and coached ourselves to where we are now.

Since beginning my journey, I have learned and gained so much it still amazes me. I have truly found something I enjoy and won't look back.

CrossFit is now my way of life helping people get better and continue to get better myself is what I love.